In memory of Sarah Jane 1948-2011

My latest video is dedicated to Elisabeth Sladen, who reccently died of cancer at the age of 63. She played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor who, a beloved  character who first appeared in old who, but she kept coming back and even got her own spin-off show called The Sarah Jane Adventures, introducing her to a whole new generation of children.

When I heard of her death, I was shocked. Whenever you watch people on tv, you never think of them dying, not in real life anyways. I haven’t been a whovian for very long but when I jumped on board Sarah Jane quickly became a respected charater- I’m going to be honest and say she wasnt my favorite because I felt a bit old for SJA, and too young to see her in old who very much at all- but I respected her very much and grew to admire her in many ways because  she’s Elisabeth Sladen was an amazing actress and Sarah Jane was the first companion to really be loved by the fans just as much as the Doctor himself. And when the Sarah Jane Adventures came on she was loved by children- not many people can accomplish that in their 60’s.

I spent a lot of time on this video, but no matter how long I spend on it, I know it would be impossible for it to summarize what an amazing woman she was, and everything she meant to the world.


So, I messed around with some clips of Doctor who on windows movie maker and came up with this-

So, yeah. That was fun.